Change in Film Program

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Change in Film Program

  • By Kari Nøst Hegseth 
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Regrettably, we have had to remove Ambulance from our program.

The good news is that you can watch the documentary online at!

Director Mohamed Jabaly will also be attending the festival through his participation at a seminar on artist refugees. More information on this here.

Ambulance will be replaced by two equally engaging documentaries:

Hisséne Habré: Prosecuting an Embarrassing Ally

The documentary follows the trial against Chad’s former dictator Hisséne Habré – the man who imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of his own people – children, women and men the like –  to suppress all potential forms of opposition.

Delicate Balance

This film is narrated by Uruguay’s president from 2010 to 2015, José Alberto Mujica. His modest lifestyle must be regarded as highly unusual for a person in a position of power. As president he donated most of his salary to the poor, and refused to live in the presidential palace. His inspirational philosophy forms the backbone of this gripping documentary about the confrontational issues of our modern lifestyle, where economic interests prevail over human ethical values, and where we lose touch with each other and with ourselves.