Dette må du få med deg på søndag!

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Dette må du få med deg på søndag!

Prisutdeling + visning av vinnerfilmene

Kl 14.00 @ Cinemateket

Med vafler og kaffe inviterer HUMAN-festivalen for første gang Osloborgere og filmbransjen til prisutdeling på Cinemateket. I anledning festivalens 10-årsjubileum skal to priser deles ut, HUMAN-prisen og HUMAN Rights Human Wrongs-prisen.



vinner av Human Rights Human Wrongs-prisen, søndag kl. 15.00 @ Cinemateket

vinner av HUMAN-prisen, søndag kl. 19.30 @ Klingenberg 2

Begge visningene er GRATIS og åpne for alle.


DEBATT: Russisk rullet med Lahlum

Kl 12.30 @ Cinemateket

Vinneren av det russiske presidentvalget som holdes den 18. mars er soleklar, men hva skjer egentlig bak kulissene i Putins siste presidentvalgkamp? Vi tar tempen på valgkampens siste innspurt med Julie WilhelmsenInna Sangadzhiyeva, og Hans Olav Lahlum.

Arrangementet er GRATIS.


DEBATE: A New Economic Paradigm?

Kl 15.00 @Cinemateket

Since the 1930’s global political economy has moved, broadly speaking, from a Keynesian understanding to a neo-liberal one. Is it time for a change? Do we need a new economic paradigm?

Together with SLUG we’ll discuss this with Jeffrey Franks, IMF European director. Maria Berg Reinertsen, Erik Reinert and Camilla Houeland,

Arrangementet er GRATIS.


Land of the Free

Kl 15.00 @ Klingenberg 2 

When we meet Brian, he sits on a bench holding a to-go-cup from Starbucks. Brian has at this point been out of prison for six days after having spent more than half of his life incarcerated. He’s now 39 years old. With difficult starting points, it’s hard not to fall back into old habits. How to you return to a life you maybe never had to begin with?


Of Fathers and Sons

Kl 15.15 @ Klingenberg 4

 By pretending to be a war photographer with jihadi sympathies, Syrian director Talal Derki lived with the Al Nusra fighter Abu Osama and his family for two years in a small village in northern Syria. Derki follows the Al Nusra men as they train their sons to fight and become soldiers of God. The children’s naiveté enters into the picture when they build bombs in plastic bottles that make a bang when stepped on. Of Fathers and Sons is a brutal look into a jihadi training camp as well as a reflection on the heritage of the Syrian war.



Kl 19.00 @ Kunstnernes Hus

Untitled opens by stating that it is a documentary about nothing. But this is not entirely fair, because director Micheal Glawogger takers us on a magical journey around the world. And in in the beautiful, quiescent images there’s a curiosity that makes the ordinary surreal and the strange familiar.