Arkiv: program 2017A Crime Against Humanity: Forced Organ Harvesting

A Crime Against Humanity: Forced Organ Harvesting

Thu 16th: 17:30 Debattscenen
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


A Crime Against Humanity: Forced Organ Harvesting

The Chinese state-condoned practice of killing prisoners of conscience for their organs is so horrifying, many choose not to believe it. However, the facts are on the table.

A form of human rights abuse that has become a virtual taboo both in public and academic debate, forced human organ harvesting involves secret and barbarous surgical interventions performed on vulnerable and disenfranchised victims. In the Chinese context, such groups include political opponents, ethnic and religious minorities, and migrants. This form of abuse is also conspicuous in countries like India and Vietnam, and in South America. The forced human organ trafficking is now a burgeoning high-tech, clandestine industry involving not just businesses but also governments and political lobbies.

What is being done in international forums, networks and NGOs to work against this horrific practice?


David William Kilgour, human rights activist, author, lawyer and former Secretary of State and Member of Canadian Parliament, investigative researcher on the allegations of live organ harvesting in China.
Man-Yan Ng, expert in Chinese politics, economics, culture and history and board member of the International Society for Human Rights in Frankfurt and an associate of the New York-based Association for Asia Research.
Atle Midttun, professor at the Department of Law and Governance at BI, Oslo and director of the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility at BI and has studied  – and engaged with – the Chinese corporate responsibility program since its inception.
Harald Bøckman (Chair), Norwegian sinologist presently Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, researching Chinese nationalism.

Do not miss the screening of Human Harvest before the debate.

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