Arkiv: program 2017Documentary as a Tool for Social Change – In Practice

Documentary as a Tool for Social Change – In Practice

Wed 15th: 14:30 Tancred
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Documentary as a Tool for Social Change – In Practice

The presentation and panel talk are part of Filmmakers/Changemakers.

Filmmakers are largely aware of the impact they can have to engage a Western audience in debate, but how can documentaries be used as a tool for social change in the local communities they were originally filmed in?

This question motivated filmmakers Ilse & Femke van Velzen to use their documentaries as a tool to raise awareness and stimulate debate. The ultimate goal is to change perceptions and attitudes on sensitive societal issues, and motivate the audience to become actors of change. The films are incorporated into a powerful, effective and appealing educational project with extensive participation of local organisations and experts.

Since 2008 a first educational film project was started in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a mobile cinema travelled from village to village to show IFPRODUCTION’s Fighting the Silence, a film about sexual violence. The screenings reached more than a million Congolese. In the following years two more large film-based campaign projects were developed for the Congolese army and judiciary.

The work of the Mobile Cinema Foundation illustrates how filmmakers can work with NGOs and the local civil society to organize tailor-made screenings of their documentaries.

How have the communities benefitted from the project and how is the Mobile Cinema Foundation building on this experience for their ongoing project in South Sudan?

Femke van Velzen is a filmmaker and runs the film label IFPRODUCTIONS.  For the Mobile Cinema Foundation Femke develops the messaging and storylines, film and produce the educational films for the purpose of awareness raising and debate.

The presentation will be followed by a panel talk:

How Can NGOs and filmmakers Collaborate to Achieve Societal Impact?

Panel: Margreth Olin (filmmaker), Femke van Velzen (filmmaker and founder of Mobile Cinema Foundation, director of Justice for Sale wich screens at the festival), Hollie Fifer (filmmaker and director of The Opposition, which screens at the festival), Anne Kari Garberg (Framtiden i våre hender), and Jeroen Swolfs (photo journalist).


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