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Portraying the World Accurately: Constructive Journalism

Wed 15th: 13:00 Tancred
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Portraying the World Accurately: Constructive Journalism

This presentation with Q&A is part of Filmmakers/Changemakers.

In the midst of the often one-sided, negative news coverage, a new approach to journalism has been slowly emerging – constructive journalism. The term is relatively new in Norway, but the interest in this journalistic tool is increasing. The aim of constructive journalism is to provide a more accurate picture of the world, whilst adhering to the core principles of journalism.

In what way is constructive journalism different from other approaches to journalism, and how is it applied in practice? What possibilities lie in a story by exploring it from a new angle and by asking different questions? How does the point of departure for a narrative affect the stories we tell and ultimately create the world we live in?

Journalist and Director of Constructive Journalism at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Cathrine Gyldensted, will give a presentation of constructive journalism and the increasing interest in the field. Furthermore, she will present how journalists can apply elements of constructive journalism and how it can strengthen their work.

Photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs will present his photo series Streets of the World. The concept of the photo series was quite simple: he wanted to take a picture of daily street life in every capital of the world. In doing so, the aim was to show the similarities between different people, countries and cultures to counterbalance the image of opposition and disunity that seems to be dominating the media and the public over the past years. His beautiful photos serve as illustrations of how elements of constructive journalism can be incorporated in the work of a photojournalist.

A Q&A will follow the presentations, moderated by Anne Hege Simonsen Associate Professior at HiOA.

Cathrine Gyldensted: Cathrine Gyldensted is a pioneer within the field of constructive journalism. Currently the Director of Constructive Journalism at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, she is innovating journalism by combining her experience as an investigative journalist and academic background from positive psychology.

Jeroen Swolfs: After graduating from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam, Jeroen Swolfs began his career as a photojournalist, focusing mainly on political and social topics. Through his photo series Streets of the World project, he stresses the importance of noticing the similarities across people, countries and cultures.


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