Arkiv: program 2017Media on War

Media on War

Sat 18th: 18:30 Debattscenen
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Media on War

On war Reporting, propaganda and documentaries.

When covering war, what is important to convey? What is the purpose of war reporting? Is a filmmaker better equipped to show us what war is about?

When the media companies lack resources to have reporters on the frontlines and the time to give us proper analyses, while at the same time fake news and propaganda flourish, who will help us sort out the real stories? How can we get a better understanding of today’s wars? What is important to know? The latest images of a bomb blast, or an understanding of what it is like for the people who are the victims of war?


Zaradasht Ahmed, filmmaker and director of the film Nowhere to Hide, which screens at the festival.
Rula Asad, director of Syrian Female Journalists’ Network.
Fredrik Græsvik, journalist and author with experience from reporting from several conflict areas. He works for TV2.
Kyrre Lien, photographer. Works on independent projects, and for VG and The New York Times.
Moderator: Stig Arild Pettersen, author, freelance journalist and founding partner of the podcast Du Verden!

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