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Nowhere to Hide

Wed 15th: 17:30 Tancred + Director's Talk
Fri 17th: 13:00 Tancred + Director's Talk
Sat 18th: 16:00 Tancred + Director's Talk
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Nowhere to Hide

Zaradasht Ahmed / Norway, Sweden / 2016 / 86 min

There was careful optimism to be found in Iraq in 2011, at least with Nori Sharif, a nurse in the town Jalawla. The American troops were withdrawing, and Nori is given a camera to document the everyday life in the new Iraq, and the people he encounters as a nurse at his local hospital.

Through his lens, as time passes, we get a firsthand account of the escalation of the senseless violence, from 2011 and until today’s incomprehensible war. As Nori and his family becomes refugees themselves, he turns the camera towards his own life, in desperation over the extreme danger he and his family encounter.

Nowhere to Hide is a raw tale of the many faces of war.

Director Zaradasht Ahmed will be at the festival. 

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