Arkiv: program 2017The New Struggle for the Right to Abortion

The New Struggle for the Right to Abortion

Sun 19th: 19:45 Debattscenen
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The New Struggle for the Right to Abortion

In developing countries up to 44 000 women die from complications from unsafe abortion each year and 6.9 million are treated for complications. Restrictive abortion laws and policies put women’s health in danger. However, on 23 January 2017 President Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule which denies U.S. funding to organisations if they use money from other donors to provide abortion services, counselling or referrals—even if abortion is legal in a country. It also blocks critical funding for health services like contraception, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

What are the consequences of this U.S. policy? What can be done, and by whom, to make safe abortion services accessible where it is needed?


Camila Gianella,  Researcher at CMI and a post doctoral fellow at the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen on the project Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRR) Lawfare: Global battles over sexual and reproductive rights, driving forces and impacts.
Gro Lindstad, Executive Director of FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development.
Greta Gober, Kobiety razem (Poland)
Moderator: Kjersti Augland, Senior advisor at Sex og Politikk, the Norwegian IPPF member association.



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