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The Opposition

Thu 16th: 15:00 Tancred
Fri 17th: 21:00 Tancred +Director's talk
Sun 19th: 15:30 Lillebil + Director's talk
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Opposition

Hollie Fifer / Australia / 2016 / 76 min

A small community in Paga Hill, Papua New Guinea, is faced with displacement as a big developer illegally appropriates their land. This is a well-known premise, but what comes after makes The Opposition into somewhat of a thriller.

We follow community leader Joe Moses as he fights for his community, and reveals one scandal after the other, including their once foremost political supporter suddenly switching allegiance to the developer. Moses ends going up against the government itself, and as a result he has to go into hiding out of fear for his own life. But can there really be justice in the face of such impunity?

Director Hollie Fifer and Joe Moses will participate at the festival. 

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