Arkiv: program 2017The Warriors of Hope: Syria’s New Civil Society

The Warriors of Hope: Syria’s New Civil Society

Sun 19th: 18:30 Debattscenen
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


The Warriors of Hope: Syria’s New Civil Society

The only positive that has come out of the horrific Syrian war is a new and vibrant civil society. Under Assad’s regime there were no independent organisations or political parties. The hope for a better future is to be found in a strong civil society that can keep its government in check, and stop it from regressing to the police state it has been under Assad’s rule.

What is the civil society in Syria today? Who are the teachers who keep the schools going, who the doctors in the hospitals, and who makes decisions on behalf of the community? How can organisations and institutions shape a future for Syrians, and how can we and the international community support them?


Rula Asad, co-founder and the executive director of the Syrian Female Journalists’ Network (SFJN). Founded in 2012, the SFJN is a non-profit initiative that trains Syrian female journalists and promotes their role in the region’s media.
Amund Bakke Foss, journalist in VG
Zeina Bali, Syrian Peace Action Centre


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