When Rape Becomes Genocide

When Rape Becomes Genocide

March 8, 2018
8:45 pm - 9:45 pm


When Rape Becomes Genocide

DEBATE after the screening of The Uncondemned.

Free admission.

In 1998 the International Tribunal for Rwanda rendered an historic verdict against mayor Jean-Paul Akayesu, becoming the first international criminal tribunal to define rape as an act of genocide. The verdict was made possible because of the women who stepped forward to testify.

Sexualised violence has been used extensively as a weapon of war in most conflicts. In spite of the precedence set by the Akayesu case, there has been only one such verdict since 1998 (in 2016 against Bemba in the Central African Republic). How much has the Akayesu Case actually affected international law and justice? How can it play a role in reconciliation processes, and how can women’s organisations mobilise to ensure that perpetrators will be held accountable?

Panel: Binaifer Nowrojee, human rights advocate. Hillary Margolis, researcher with Human Rights Watch. Modi Enosa, Secretary-general of YWCA South Sudan. Moderator: Mausi Segun, executive director of Human Right Watch’s Africa Division.