HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival is an annual documentary film festival in Oslo that sheds light on human rights issues. The festival present a full-day program with new documentaries from all parts of the world, together with debates, concerts, seminars, workshops and performances in Oslo.

Our main aims are:

To broaden our audience’s knowledge and engagement for both well know and less familiar human rights issues.

To present documentaries of high quality and relevance, which give a better understanding of global challenges.

To be a forum and a meeting place for human rights activists and experts, politicians, filmmakers and others interested in human rights issues.

To facilitate networking between human rights activists and experts, politicians, filmmakers and more.

Through film screenings, debates, seminars, and workshops we try our best to create engagement for matters concerning our human rights to a safe and dignified life, freedom of speech, and political and civil equality.

The documentary film is an excellent tool for triggering our emotions, and by doing so opening our minds. Thus, the documentary is a particularly good format to use when you want to invite people into debates about social issues. It is also an important window into different perspectives on our own local and national society, as well as the world surrounding us.

Our vision is that HUMAN IDFF will give all interested parties, regardless of background, the opportunity to speak with human rights advocates from at home and abroad, and discuss with scientists and filmmakers, politicians and journalists. At the HUMAN IDFF you will feel closeness to the topics at hand, both by the fact that your emotions and thoughts are triggered by the films on the screen and because you can talk with experts, people who personally experience human rights violations, and filmmakers who have done an incredible amount of research.

The festival dates for HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival 2019 are 25 February to 3 March.